Turnwater is our second Full Project.


It started with the request of a Floating Breakwater for medium – large waves (3m. – 6m.), to protect a Cruise Terminal in the island of Bali.

Nothing was available in the market and Arena team started an investigation on possible solutions.

In parallel it was apparent that a solution for harnessing Wave Power (what is called Wave Energy Converter WEC), could be obtained together with the Floating Breakwater.


Turnwater is the result of this comprehensive and detailed investigation of existing wave theories and wave modification technologies.


Taming the Waves is how we call Turnwater mission.

First the waves are modified to reduce its dangerous effects, and after this modification, energy can be efficiently obtained.


There are no commercially available solutions for any of these two needs (Floating Breakwater and WEC) in the case of large waves. And we expect Turnwater to become the election of choice in a near future).



Turnwater Description

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Turnwater Test

Turnwater Deck

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