An International Project  for the Development of 5 Cruise Terminals in the East of Indonesia



A Group of Spanish Companies wants to develop their great potential as Cruise Destination.


Our approach, in very simple terms, is the following.


  • It is not enough that the Touristic destinations have Natural Amenities.

They must be well prepared to receive the Tourists, and most particularly, have a very good logistics in place.


Major limitations for the quick Touristic development of any place, are aerial connections and hotel infrastructure.


Both limitations will be solved by attracting the Cruise Tourism which, in itself, provides both the means of transport and the Hotel for their passengers.


We want to have a recognized International Brand which could be offered to Tourists.


In our search for a Brand Name, we have considered the example of Bali and especially the best known Touristic Destinations in the world of Cruising: The Mediterranean and The Caribbean.

The East of Indonesia could be considered a mixture of both, and it was straightforward to combine the names of the MEditerranean and the meRIBBEAN, and propose the Brand Name for a new Indonesian Destination: The MERIBBEAN.


If the intention is to thoroughly develop the area, it is necessary to have a certain number of Ports, well distributed across the zone, so that the Meribbean effect will obtain the maximum result. 



After a long research we selected Five places: Larantuka, Selayar, Tidore-Ternate, Saumlaki and Namlea



Map of the 5 Meribbean Ports, THE QUIET SEA


It is worth noting that The Meribbean, has very favourable wave conditions most of the year, so that navigation for the Cruise ships will be very confortable.



We will have Cruise Terminals will have a Terminal which will be able to receive the largest existing Cruise Ships (340 m. of length and over)


But bringing the Cruise Tourists to land is only the beginning.

We must be sure that Cruise Tourists find in our Meribbean Ports the type of amenities that they like.


According to studies of what Tourists want, we must prepare the place to offer:

-    Historical Heritage      

-    Beautiful Landscape (including Bird Watching)

-    Beaches and Diving     

-    Typical Villages

-    Handicraft

-    Urban Environment,

-    Good  Restaurants,  

-    Good Shopping.

and even

-    Trekking Itineraries

-    Golf Contest.


And for that

-     Well organized excursions, both by Buses and by Boats

-     Good information in Bahasa, English, Spanish and Chinese,

-     Good signaling/explanations in the Cities, and in the Points of


-     Attractive City Center, with Promenade/Sea View, Shops,

      Coffee shops and Restaurants


All this is considered in our Plan for the Integral Development of our Ports



Beaches in Flores. One of the sublime Islands of East Indonesia




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